Corrosion Protection Products and Services

Regional Distributor of anti-corrosion materials manufactured by Central Products LLC.

Designer and Installer of corrosion protection solutions.

Bioremediation Agent

Beaver Solutions is the regional distributor of Keeen Limited for their Commercial Microbes for Environment in Malaysia, China and Indonesia.



EPCC Solutions

Joint venture partner of Ronser Bio-Tech Sdn Bhd in the provision of Engineering Solutions.

Design, fabricate, construct, test and commission of sewerage, waste water and palm oil mill effluent (POME) plants.

Corrosion Control Equipment

Authorized Distributor of Electronic Pipeline Technology Ltd.

Promote and market EP-TECH range of CIPS, DCVG & GPCM Pipeline Surveyor Corrosion Control Equipment

Marine & Port Services

Provision of marine and port services.

Provision of transport and logistics at Port hubs.