We are the distributor of the following products by Keeen Limited

KEEEN is the bio remediation agent which comprises 8 strains of oil-degrading microbes, enzymes and biosurfactants that are capable of digesting oil molecules and all organic substances.

KEEEN products can be used for clean ups generally and also effectively degrade oil, organic waste and dirt to resolve waste treatment problems prior to discharge into natural resources.

Bio Remediation

Bio Remediation is the use of microbes to clean up contaminated soil and groundwater. Microbes are very small organisms, such as bacteria, that live naturally in the environment. Bioremediation stimulates the growth of certain microbes that use contaminants as a source of food and energy. Contaminants treated using bioremediation include oil and other petroleum products, solvents and pesticides. Some microbes eat and digest contaminants, changing them into water and harmless gases like carbon dioxide and ethane. Some oil eating microbes and oil degrading bacteria utilize hydrocarbons as sole sources of energy and carbon, thus breaking down the hydrocarbons they are in contact with.